Type rating

This type rating allows the pilot to perform the function of airline pilot on a Boeing 737-300 / -900.

The course consists of a Computer Base Training (CBT), face-to-face theoretical courses and a practical phase on an approved B737NG simulator.

FLEXSIM-ATO also offers license renewal.

Prices & Prerequisites Information TR B737NG
Last update: 16 JAN 2024

60 H

E-learning CBT

60 H


120 H

Theoretical total

Theorical phase

The objective of the theoretical phase is to teach to the trainee an in-depth knowledge of the systems, limitations and performance of the B737NG.

This phase includes: 40 hours of CBT; 47 hours of classroom instruction and 11 hours of instruction on the FMS trainer.

12 H

 FBS training

24 H

FFS Training

60 H

Total (with briefings)

Practical phase

The objective of the practical training is to obtain the knowledge, skills and behavior required to perform as a PNT on a Boeing 737-300 / -900.

This training allows the student to apply the knowledge acquired during the previous stages of the qualification.

This phase includes: 12 hours of FBS simulator training and 24 hours of FFS simulator training (test included).

Students with 500 hours of MPA experience train 20 hours of Full Flight Simulator (FFS).


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Price and accessibility

All our trainings are scheduled “à la carte” according to your availabilities, our instructor’s and simulator’s availabilities.

15 495 €

VAT non applicable
Price per student on the basis of a pair formed
FLEXSIM-ATO does not offer base training.


Flight experience

Have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC on aeroplanes


IR/ME ATPL(A) (part-FCL)


Advanced UPRT Course (FCL.745.A)

ICAO English level 4 or more


Medical class 1

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