TR B787

TR B787

Type rating

This type rating allows the pilot to perform the function of airline pilot on a Boeing 787.

The course consists of a theoretical training phase and a practical phase on an approved B787 simulator.

The course can be FULL TYPE (F) for pilots without previous experience or REDUCED TYPE (S) for pilots with a Boeing license (B737 300-900, B757 / 767 or B747-400).

Prices & Prerequisites Information TR B787
Last update: 25 OCT 2023

43 H / 21 H

E-learning CBT

12 H

Ground instruction

Theorical instruction

The objective of the theoretical training is to allow the student to acquire a thorough understanding of the normal and abnormal operation of all aircraft systems.

This phase includes: 43 hours (F) / 21 hours (S) of self-service CBT and 12 hours of classroom instruction.

40 H / 24 H

FBS Training

28 H / 20 H

FFS Training

68 H / 44 H


Practical phase

The simulator practical phase allows the student to acquire the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) to manage aircraft systems in normal, abnormal or emergency situations.

This phase is programmed when the theoretical phase is finished. That includes 40 hours (F) / 24 hours (S) of FBS training and 28 hours (F) / 20 hours of FFS training.

787 Cockpit

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FLEXSIM-ATO does not offer base training.


Flight experience

Have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC on aeroplanes


IR/ME ATPL(A) (part-FCL)


Advanced UPRT Course (FCL.745.A)

ICAO English level 4 or more


Class 1

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