Management of Psychoactive Substances & Psychological Assessments

Management of Psychoactive Substances & Psychological Assessments

The global spread of psychoactive substances are in many States seen as a threat to aviation safety. The purpose of this module is to describe the operator’s policy about prevention and training of misuse of psychoactive substances, in compliance with published EASA Decision 2018/012/R.

This module includes administrative procedures related to psychological assessment of flight crew, as well as systematic and random testing of psychoactive substances to ensure medical fitness of flight and cabin crew members.



90 € TTC


24 months





EASA references:

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 amended by:
   – Regulation EU 2018/1042
   – EASA Decision 2018/012/R
IRs & AMC/GM concerned are:
   – ARO.RAMP.106
   – CAT.GEN.MPA.170,175,215
ICAO Doc 9654-AN/945 First Edition

Recurrent training for:

Flight Crew Cabin
Crew Ground Staff
All type of aircraft


80 minutes
With written exam
75% minimum to pass

Module Content:

1. Introduction
2. Definitions
3. Authority’s Responsibilities
4. Crew Members’ Responsibilities
5. Operators’ Responsibility Implementation
6. Educational Material

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