Aviation Cybersecurity

Aviation Cybersecurity

The interconnection of systems and networks, and the data sharing between multiple systems and stakeholders require a cross-domain cybersecurity approach for the aviation community. In that perspective, cybersecurity becomes the responsibility of everyone – starting from the top office and across all levels in the organization.

In this module, you will understand that successful cybersecurity culture will shape the security thinking of one’s staff and improve resilience against cyber threats without imposing burdensome security steps.



140 € TTC


24 months





EASA references:

ICAO Annex 17 EASA ED Decision 2020/006/R (more specifically the AMC 20-42)
IATA’s ISM – 14th Edition (December 2020)
IATA Aviation Cyber Security Guidance Material:
– Part 1: Organization Culture and Posture Edition 1 – February 2021
– Part 2: Aircraft Edition 1 – February 2021

Recurrent training for:

Flight Crew Cabin
Crew Ground Staff
All type of aircraft


120 minutes
With written exam
75% minimum to pass

Module Content:

1. Objectives
2. Why should you be concerned by cybersecurity
3. Most common cybersecurity failures
4. Cybersecurity Culture & Posture
5. Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities & Attacks
6. Possible Impacts of a Cyber Attack
7. General Cyber Defense Measures
8. Aviation Cybersecurity
9. Aviation Cyber System
10. Aircraft Cyber Risk Management
11. Reporting Cybersecurity Incidents
12. First Actions to be taken
13. Good Cyber Hygiene
14. Key points

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