• The rules of aerodynamics explain how an airplane is able to fly.

  • The speed of sound in the atmosphere is a constant that depends on the altitude …

  • An aircraft engine is the component of the propulsion system that generates mechanical power.

  • In order to ensure safety of aircraft operations it is necessary to have …. procedures.

  • Instrument systems exist to provide information on the condition of the aircraft …

  • All about meteorology for pilots

  • Finding the way from one place to another is called NAVIGATION

  • Preparing for a flight includes a multitude of tasks …

This program provides pilots with answers to the main technical questions they main find in ATPL review. Quizzes are validated with a minimum of 75% right answers.
As research in several textbooks for answers to known questions is time-consuming, this program will be a quick guide for general knowledge assessment. The questions herein cover main aviation areas, namely, aerodynamics, engines, meteorology, navigation, and performance.
Caution: It should be clearly undestood that many answers given herein are based on a general application; possibility exits that answers  may be incompatible with a particular aircraft and/or regional authority.
Also be aware of reversal questions: a particular area can have many applications of a particular question. Such variations are not identified in this program.