The FLEXSIM-ATO training philosophy is focused on providing to its student, the best training available in the industry, in order to achieve a high level of safety and reliability for its customers.

All training activities performed by FLEXSIM-ATO shall primarily be compliant with the (DGAC) French Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements and as far as practicable with customer’s operational philosophy, policies and procedures.

Objectives of training programs are the production of competence to ensure that the students have the skills and the knowledge needed to perform their duties and responsibilities.


In addition to the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) legal requirements, FLEXSIM-ATO training program shall consider human factors, technical aspects and be designed to concentrate on those themes and subjects all students shall know, understand and comply with the FLEXSIM-ATO training philosophy.

Competence, performance and knowledge of each student are to be identified and shall influence the training program, individually and collectively.

Monitoring, analyzing and evaluating the results of the training performance shall continuously enhance the training program.

The training phase and the examination shall be clearly separated.

Training personnel must perform all respective tasks in view of the trainees needs, defined standards of performance and are required to ensure a consistent knowledge transfer.

Checking personnel shall be impartial, fair and conduct all checking tasks so as to not provoke candidates to impeach the credibility of a result.

Infrastructure for training means, equipment and tools shall conform to the regulatory, company and operational requirements and support the conduct of satisfactory and efficient training.


FLEXSIM-ATO offers Boeing 737-300/900 Air Crew and Air Operations trainings and supports. FLEXSIM-ATO owns the Approved Training Organization (ATO)
F-EASA ATO N°0240.

Part-FCL training course approved:

-B737 multipilot type rating course including LVO
-Aircraft Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course


-Jet Orientation Course JOC